Why You Should Always Be Careful When Marking Fabric

I have another video and post in which I discuss Marking On Fabric – What I Use And DON’T Use.   The photos below demonstrate why choosing the right marking implement is so important! Below are pieces of fabric that are all marked on with some sort of marker or ink pen. Some of the inks used are not that dark in color, like red ink on the back of dark blue fabric. When the fabric was originally written on it did not bleed through the fabric at all! This is what is so tricky about marking on fabric! You don’t want marks on the back of your fabric becoming visible from the front, a few years after your project is completed! And you definitely do not want a job returned because marks are all of a sudden showing up! To check out what I do recommend for marking on fabric click on the following link : Marking On Fabric – What I Use And DON’T Use!