“Now You Can Master The Fine Craftmanship of Beautiful Auto Upholstery, Even If You’ve Never Used a Sewing Machine In Your Life…”

 Learn From The Comfort of Your Own Home With These Amazing Step-By-Step DVD Upholstery Courses That Make Learning The Basics and Advanced Techniques of Auto Upholstery Easy, Fun…And Even Highly Profitable!

You asked, and now they are finally here! Our Lucky Needle Courses are now ALL AVAILABLE ON DVD!

Now you can take your Lucky Needle Courses with you everywhere – even where there is no internet! If your shop or garage doesn’t have great internet access, use our Lucky Needle DVD’s so you can watch while you sew! 

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“Are You Looking To Learn Automobile Upholstery For Fun or Maybe As An Exciting Career or Business?”

Hi, my name is John Pollock and I’ve been doing automobile upholstery successfully now for over 12+ years. During this time, I’ve learned all the tools of the trade including mastering the right skills and techniques, plus so much more.

I simply love auto upholstery and I’m very passionate about the entire process of it…

There’s nothing like transforming unique fabric and other materials and turning them into something amazingly beautiful and unique inside a car. It’s an artform that is learned, and once you know how to do it, you’ll fall in love with it just as much as I have.



John Pollock

Lucky Needle Founder 

Luckily for you, I’m now proud to be able to teach it to people just like yourself who want to learn more about the entire step-by-step basic process, tools, techniques and SO much more…

“I’ve Made Learning Auto Upholstery Super Easy, But Also In a Fun & Unique Way Just For You…”

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But as I progressed in the world of this unique type of upholstery, I also picked up a lot of “tricks of the trade” that many people don’t use or even know about in this industry. Many of these skills and tricks I’ve learned on my own through a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Needless to say, my journey into auto upholstery has not always been an easy one. But looking back now, I’ve realized it’s made me the expert I am today, and for that, I’m very grateful!

 I’ll be honest with you…

When I first starting out learning how to do auto upholstery, I had to learn by a lot of trial and error. I was lucky enough to have a teacher when I started that helped shorten the learning process and help me avoid many critical and costly mistakes

13 Seam Allowance
19 TroubleShooting

Just a few short years ago I decided to put out a few “How To” upholstery instructional videos on YouTube. I didn’t think much about it, but to my surprise, the videos started to get a lot of views and some pretty amazing and positive feedback as well.

I quickly realized that I loved sharing and teaching the skills I’ve learned over the years to people all across the world. I finally felt like I had a way to breathe new life into this “older” artform, but in a more modern way.

Once I started to see that the videos were having such a profound impact on those who watched them, I decided that putting only my best, step-by-step instructional videos into ONE “HOW TO” COURSE was the way to go. And now, after a large demand from our students, all of our upholstery courses are available on DVD!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still great demand in the auto upholstery industry for “how to” information…

The bad news is, there’s a lot of incomplete or bad misinformation out there and with the course I’m about to reveal to you, I’ve finally solved that problem and created an opportunity just for you…

“I’m Very Proud and Excited To Introduce To You My Exclusive Lucky Needle Auto Upholstery Courses on DVD”

“Worth every penny! I can’t even thank you enough for all the tips and tricks you point out, very detailed videos, I couldn’t find anyone that would be willing to give me some classes in person (I was willing to pay) your classes popped up on facebook a friend tagged me and that is how I was able to enroll. I strongly recommend taking the bundle package! Now it’s time to practice!” Luis R.  –  2021

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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What if I am interested in other areas of Upholstery? Do you have a DVD Upholstery Course for me?   The Lucky Needle DVD Upholstery Courses can be applied to many areas of upholstery, including marine, furniture, industrial and more! We have had students who had never touched a sewing machine go one to have a successful upholstery business after taking The Lucky Needle Courses! It is possible to make it happen!  While that may not be the normal scenario for each of our students, we are confident in our courses, and believe they have something for everyone. As this is a dying industry, sadly many of its craftsmen are also dying off. This, however, is an opportunity for industry newcomers to learn the craft, make some money, and keep this industry alive by doing so! If you are thinking of starting a specialty upholstery business and are curious if these DVD’s will help you, message us by heading to our contact page at

What’s Covered In The Lucky Needle Auto Upholstery Courses?

The Lucky Courses on DVD come in a variety of topics and cover the basics of auto upholstery as well as advanced techniques! In these courses, you will discover everything you need to know to make top quality seat covers, door panels, headliners, custom carpet, advanced top stitches and so much more! These courses are the quickest and best way for you to start learning upholstery today. You will uncover all of my tips and tricks that I have learned over many years. Learn from my mistakes and save yourself a ton of time and money. 

The Lucky Needle DVD Courses are absolutely perfect if you…

  • Want to learn auto upholstery simply as an enjoyable hobby or side-project.
  • Want to learn auto upholstery in order to start a new career or side-business.
  • Want to learn more about auto upholstery, even if you already know a bit.

What Courses are Available on DVD? ALL OF OUR COURSES!!!

All in One Course Bundle

3 Box 14 Disk Set – 28 hours 137 videos

In this DVD Box Set of ALL of The Lucky Needle Courses, you will discover everything you need to know to make top quality seat covers, door panels, headliners, custom carpet, advanced top stitches and so much more! These courses are the quickest and best way for you to start learning upholstery today. You will uncover all of my tips and tricks that I have learned over many years. Learn from my mistakes and save your self a ton of time and money. These are the DVDs for you!

Courses Included in this DVD Set:

  • The Apprentice Course
  • Seats: Original & Custom Course
  • Door Panels & Kick Panels Course
  • Custom Carpet & Firewalls Course
  • Advanced Top Stitches & Inserts
  • Suspended Headliners, Molded Headliners & Sun Visors Course

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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Or Buy the Courses Individually on DVD!!!!

The Apprentice Course 3 Disk Set

Seats: Original & Custom Course 3 Disk Set

Door Panels & Kick Panels Course 2 Disk Set

Custom Carpet & Firewalls Course 1 Disk

Suspended Headliners, Molded Headliners & Sun Visors Course 2 Disk Set

Advanced Top Stitches & Inserts 3 Disk Set

The Apprentice Course 3 Disk Set

6 hours 42 videos

The Apprentice Course DVD is what you’re looking for! The Lucky Needle Apprentice Course was developed to teach you everything you will need to know to start upholstery. If you are just starting out or have some experience, these videos will teach you a strong foundation of the most important skills and knowledge you will need to start producing high quality projects!

Subjects Covered in this DVD Set:

  • Sewing Machine Buyers Guide “PDF”
  • Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Guide “PDF”
  • Tools Of the Trade “PDF”
  • Materials and Supplies “PDF”
  • How to Calculate Pleats “PDF” and Worksheet
  • Marking and Layout
  • Cutting Fabric
  • Thread Type
  • Installing Your Needle
  • Threading Your Machine
  • Sewing Machine Feet
  • Installing Your Bobbin
  • Seam Allowance
  • Seam Guide
  • Getting Started / Lock Stitch
  • Setting Thread Tension
  • Setting Stitch Length
  • Sewing Machine Features
  • Foot Pressure and Foot Height
  • Cleaning Sewing Machine
  • Before We Begin/Introduction
  • Basic Seam
  • Winding Bobbins
  • Single Reinforced Seam
  • Welted Seam
  • French Seam
  • Curved Seam Template
  • Basic Seam “Curve”
  • Single Reinforced “Curve”
  • Welted Seam “Curve”
  • French seam “Curve”
  • Square Corners
  • Hems: Straight and Curved
  • Carpet Binding
  • Hidden Stitch Carpet Binding
  • Pleats Part 1 “Calculating”
  • Pleats Part 2 “Layout and Sewing”
  • Pleats Calculations “PDF”
  • Using Staple Guns
  • Using Contact Cement
  • How To Clean Your Glue Gun
  • Installing Snaps and Grommets

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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Seats: Original & Custom Course

3 Disk Set -5.9 hours 28 videos

Do you have an old seat that you’re just dying to bring back to life? Or maybe you just want to completely customize your seat upholstery? In this DVD you will learn all the skills and techniques needed to be able to make any seat cover you can dream up! We will start with learning how to remake an old existing cover by creating patterns from the old covers. Then we will move on to learning about foam and seat spring repair. You will even learn how to completely remake a basic foam cushion from scratch! Then we will get to the best section, creating custom covers from scratch! Learn how to take a custom design, make the patterns and then turn those patterns into beautiful, perfect fitting covers! 

Subjects Covered in this DVD Set:

  • Seat Teardown
  • Using Your Patterns
  • Cutting your pieces
  • Listing
  • Sewing Up Your Cover
  • Installing Your Cover
  • Cutting Foam
  • Foam Repair
  • Repairing Sagging Seat Springs
  • Making Seat Foam – Basic Shapes
  • Design Layout
  • Using Scrim Foam
  • Making and Cutting Out Inserts With Designs
  • Sewing Up the Cushion
  • Installing The Cushion Cover
  • Installing Backrest Cover
  • Recovering Headrests
  • Recoloring Plastic Trim
  • Seat Assembly

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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Door Panels & Kick Panels Course

2 Disk Set 3.6 hours 20 videos

Have you ever seen a beautiful custom interior and wondered how they made those perfect one-of-a-kind door panels? That is exactly what I will show you in this DVD! Beautiful interior panels can be the difference between AMAZING and just ok. When making door panels, quality all starts from the very first step! From making your patterns, to sewing your pieces, to installing the finished product, this video will show you exactly what is needed to create quality door panels! This course is packed with all my secrets and tricks that I have learned over the years! After watching these videos, you will learn all the skills needed to take your idea for a custom door panel and bring it to life!

Subjects Covered in this DVD Set:

  • Patterns
  • Cutting Out Panels
  • Installing Panel Clips
  • Preparing Closed Cell Foam
  • Making Patterns For Your Design
  • Wrapping Panels With Closed Cell Designs
  • Wrapping Main Panels
  • Installing Inserts
  • Installing Metal Trim In Panels
  • Working With Wood Panel Board
  • Recoloring Plastic Trim
  • Installing Basic Armrest
  • Types Of Panel Board
  • Panel Fitment
  • Kick Panel Patterning
  • Installing Closed Cell Foam
  • Cutting Designs In Closed Cell
  • Cutting Foam For Inserts
  • Installing Inserts
  • Finishing Kick Panel
  • Wrapping Basic Armrests
  • Working with ABS Board

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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Suspended Headliners, Molded Headliners & Sun Visors Course

2 Disk Set 4.2 hours 13 videos

Headliners can be intimidating! They can be difficult to install and even harder to make. In this training DVD, I will show you all my tricks to make this easy for you. I’ll also show you how to pattern and make a suspended headliner so that you can have that perfect color match for your custom interior. But that’s not all! What about the sun visors? You can’t have a new headliner without a fresh set of sun visors to match! They are a small part of an interior but something that is very visible, so they need to  look nice. I’ll show you how to make them beautiful again, you can even change the shape if you like. You will also learn how to recover molded headliners and sun visors with factory mirrors.

Subjects Covered in this DVD Set:

  • Headliner Removal
  • Suspended Headliners – Cutout
  • Suspended Headliner – Fixing And Replacing Tack Strips
  • Suspended Headliners – Installation Part 2
  • Making And Recovering Sun Visors Part 1
  • Recovering a Molded Headliner
  • Suspended Headliners – Making Patterns
  • Suspended Headliners – Sewing
  • Suspended Headliners – Installation Part 1
  • Windlace
  • Making And Recovering Sun Visors Part 2
  • Recovering Sun Visors With Factory Mirrors
  • Modern Headliner Part 1
  • Modern Headliner Part 2
  • Modern Headliner Part 3

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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Advanced Top Stitches

& Inserts Course​

3 Disk Set 5.7 hours 26 videos

Have you been wondering how people make those eye catching top stitches and insert designs? Well in this DVD course I’m going to give you all the industry tricks. Everything from hidden stitch pleats, diamonds, contrast stitching with 270 thread and MUCH MORE! We’re even going to learn 4 different types of tuck and roll! Why? Because each type gives you a different style and look that you can add to your toolbox of skills. I will teach you all my methods for calculating the different types of pleats and diamonds to ensure everything fits and lines up perfectly. It has taken me years to learn and figure out everything that is in this amazing course. If you want to take your upholstery skills to the next level and make your next interior stand out from the crowd, then this is the course for you!

Subjects Covered in this DVD Set:

  • Double Stitch Pleats
  • Hidden Stitch Calculation
  • Easy Tuck & Roll
  • Cotton Tuck & Roll
  • Multi-Color Tuck & Roll
  • Diamonds
  • Double Stitch Diamonds
  • Setting up your machine for 270 size thread
  • Double Single Reinforced
  • Pinstripe Stitching
  • Hidden Stitch Pleats
  • Tuck & Roll
  • Channel Tuck & Roll
  • Making Channel Tins
  • Tuck & Roll Calculation
  • Diamonds Calculation
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Zippers
  • Sewing V Shapes
  • Hourglass / Bugatti Diamonds

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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What’s Else Is Included With Each DVD Course?                                                       Inside each of our Lucky Needle DVD’s you will find a unique URL/web address, so you can access all of our downloadable Lucky Needle Ebooks and Worksheets! Once you have received your DVD’s you can use the URL to download or print out everything associated with your course, so you do not have to log in, every time you need to reference something!

Here’s a sneak peek at all of the instructional PDFs that come with the All in One Course Bundle DVD Box Set…

  1. Sewing Machine Buyers Guide
  2. Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Guide
  3. Tools of the Trade Ebook
  4. Materials & Supplies Ebook
  5. How to Calculate Pleats Ebook
  6. Patterning a Suspended Headliner Ebook
  7. Pleats Worksheet 
  8. Hidden Stitch Pleats Worksheet
  9. Easy Tuck & Roll Worksheet
  10. Tuck & Roll Foam Channels Worksheet
  11. Tuck & Roll Cotton Worksheet
  12. Diamonds Worksheet

"These videos are awesome and I really appreciate you taking the time to make them. I have struggled for a year now trying to figure some of this stuff out on my own. These videos go into really good detail. I purchased Sid Chavers DVDs a year ago and they were good but only hit the high points and left a lot of gray areas. I have already got my moneys worth with the tips making things easier and more consistent." - Todd S.

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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Why Should You Invest In These Unique Courses on DVD?

There are several great reasons and benefits to investing in The Lucky Needle Courses on DVD. The obvious reason is to learn the essential fundamentals and advanced techniques for doing automobile upholstery, but there are many other less-obvious reasons and benefits that you may want to consider as well.

You’ll be able to…

  • Save a LOT of time, money and frustration trying to figure out how to do auto upholstery on your own. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s MUCH easier and more enjoyable to learn from someone who already knows how to do it!
  • Learn from a REAL auto upholstery expert who has over 10+ years of proven experience that can show you all the right steps, but also the most useful and helpful “tricks of the trade”!
  • Save THOUSANDS of your own hard-earned dollars by learning how to do your own interiors instead of waiting and paying someone else to do it. Many times, you have to be put on waiting list and wait up to a full year!
  • Learn automobile upholstery in a FUN and EXCITING way that makes everything as easy as possible for you. You’ll get lots of step-by-step videos with close-up shots, and so much more.

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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“This Upholstery DVD Course is like having your own private instructor teaching you how to do auto upholstery in a QUICK and EASY way.”

“Here’s How You Can Begin The Lucky Needle Upholstery Courses on DVD For Yourself Starting Right Now…”

When you consider the amount of time and effort it can take for you to learn the core skills of auto upholstery on your own, and the investment it can take to hire someone else to do it for you, all of it can add up to a LOT of money and time.

But now, with The Lucky Needle Upholstery Courses on DVD you’ll get all the information you need to start automobile upholstery right away. And learn at your OWN PACE!

Simply follow all the guided videos in each DVD Upholstery Course. This means you won’t have to dig around the Internet or weed through books trying to find the right information. You’ll get the right step-by-step instructions from a real and respected auto upholstery expert, right at your fingertips, 24-hours a day.

With The Lucky Needle Upholstery Courses on DVD, I’ve made learning auto upholstery as simple (and fun!) as possible for you!

The cost for you to join the course?

A lot less than you might think…

I know these Upholstery Course Training DVD’s are well worth thousands of dollars. But I’m not asking anywhere near that for you to access all of the DVD videos and downloadable Ebooks and Worksheets. Your only investment is a ONE-TIME payment of $582

ONLY $399 for the All in One Course Upholstery Training DVD 3 Box Set!

Or, just $97 for any of Single Course Upholstery Training DVDs!

Just pay shipping and handling!

Invest in Upholstery Training Courses on DVD Today!

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