KPAX Bentley – Mechanics Kneeling Pads

Work on cars in comfort, the way the pros do! In this video KPAX Bentley – Mechanics Kneeling Pads, I create custom upholstered kneeling pads for the KPAX Bentley race team. As I have worked on cars most of my life, I know what it is like to spend the majority of my day on my hands and knees. And as I get older, it is not getting any easier!!! As mechanics we need to take care of ourselves too, not just the car. At the racetrack we don’t use lifts, so we are constantly kneeling down to work on the cars. The guys and I began using blocks of foam to kneel on while we worked, and while our knees felt way better at the end of the day, the blocks of foam did not look very professional. I decided to make these custom mechanics kneeling pads for us all to use, and now we never work on the cars without them! I even designed the custom upholstery to match the design and color of the two KPAX Bentleys. So, whether you are a mechanic, or just a hard worker who doesn’t mind a little comfort when getting down and dirty on a job, I hope you enjoy seeing how I made these custom mechanics kneeling pads!!