The Lucky Needle is an online resource for upholstery. Our intention is to create a platform to help anyone learn the upholstery industry. Whether you have never used a sewing machine or have lots of experience but want to improve your skills, we will have something here for you. We understand how difficult it is to find in-depth information to learn upholstery.

That’s why our goal is to create one place with all the information and resources you will ever need to learn anything about the upholstery industry. If there is anything we can help you with or have any suggestions please do us a favor and contact us here

John Pollack - The Lucky Needle



I started learning custom upholstery in 2008. I was lucky enough to have a great teacher when I first started. I learned a great foundation of upholstery skills from him but that only gets you so far. Over the years I have had to learn so many skills on my own. Most of the time I learned by just figuring things out myself because there is just very little information available about the upholstery trade. It was not an easy path and I’m still learning new skills every day.

A few years ago I made a few “How to” videos and posted them on YouTube and I received great feedback. This was when I realized how much I enjoy sharing and teaching my knowledge of this industry that I love so much. I want to bring new life back to this dying art. I believe in a world of abundance and there is more work out there in the industry than I could ever possibly do. That is why is my intention to create not only an amazing educational resource for people to learn this trade but also an amazing community for the upholstery industry to share their knowledge and experience. So if you’re new or experienced I’m asking for your help to make this happen!