Complete Guide to Sewing Square Corners

If you get stuck on a particular seam or working with a tricky fabric, it can lead to frustration and recently we have seen many people struggling with square corners. As a result, we have compiled a short step-by-step guide here for you today!

 Step 1 – To start, you will need to sew until you reach the seam allowance; if the allowance is 0.5 inches, sew until you have around this distance of fabric left until the corner. If necessary, go as slow as you need and even feed it through by hand. To get the perfect corner, it can be tough and you may need to practice on some scrap first. It is always good to learn exactly how it works first. You don’t need to be winning awards for speed!

Step 2 – Once you reach this point, lift the foot and place a relief cut from the side towards the needle. Instead of cutting all the way to the needle, you need to leave an eighth of an inch or so.

 Step 3 – As soon as this cut is in place, put your hand on the bottom material and bring it around 90 degrees so you have what looks like a ‘7’ shape; the already-sewn material should be pointing left. The relief cut will open up and the two edges will become parallel to each other.

 Step 4 – Now you can bring the foot back down and continue sewing. Once again, be sure to take your time. When people struggle with this process, it is normally because they put too much pressure on themselves to do it quickly. Taking your time is one of the biggest tips we can provide.

 Step 5 – Now you can cut some of the excess material to make the corner look a little neater when you install the cover. Other than that, you should have yourself a beautiful square corner. Once you have finished, fold the material open to see your work.

 Conclusion – There we have it, your guide to sewing a square corner. Yes, it can be hard at first but you will soon become a master if you learn these short steps. Watch the video and follow the tips we have provided here today , you can make all your friends jealous of your new skill before teaching them like a pro!

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