The Importance of Quality Thread

Thread is what holds our projects together. Because of this, it is very important to use quality thread on your projects!! I cannot stress this enough! All thread is not created equally, and while you may think spending an extra $10 dollars on thread isn’t necessary, IT IS!  Thread comes in many different sizes and materials. The most common types of thread you will see available are; Bonded Polyester, Nylon and PTFE. For most projects I recommend a quality Bonded Polyester Thread, as it is a very versatile thread that has great UV resistance. I use size #92 Bonded Polyester thread 95% of the time on all of my projects. With this type of thread there are two brands that stick out above the rest, I recommend sticking with these brands because in my experience they will give you the least amount of problems. They are:

Pictured below is the #92 Coats Ultra Dee Bonded Polyester Thread that I have been using on my latest projects. This spool of thread did cost $51.00, but thus far has produced at least $40,000 worth of work, and I am not even done with the spool yet!! I am all for saving some money, but thread is not where you want to cut corners. Buying a cheaper, lower quality thread may save you a few bucks now, but it is not worth risking all the work you did, because the thread failed and cost you in the end.