How To Recover Sun Visors – E90 BMW

In this video, I will show you in detail how to recover your sun visors. Maybe your headliner fabric needs to be replaced or maybe you just want to change the color and give your car a new custom look. In this tutorial, I will be covering the sun visors from a 2006 E90 BMW with grey suede. I love the look of suede but don’t worry if you don’t like suede you can do this with any fabric you choose. The process is very similar in other model cars that have this style sun visor.

Jun 01



Synergy Suede:
Wiss W20 Shears:
Thread Snips:
Utility Knife:
Glue Gun:
Weldwood Contact Adhesive:
Small Pick Set:
Nylon Pry Bar Set:
Heat Gun:
1 1/2″ Scraper:
Loctite Epoxy:
2″ Painters Tape:
1″ Paint Brush:

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